Beatober2021 #19 – A Night With Friends

Well… here it is for today

The track gave me some problems. Mostly Total Recall… I just realized that it triggers or rather changes parameters on the down event of a clock or gate… and Pam’s was sending a gate for 50% of a beat, meaning that the change was happening on 1.3 instead of 1.1 of a bar. Doh! This was giving me all kinds of problems, and I’ll need to rethink how I’m using Total Recall. The quick fix was to change the gate width from 50% down to 1%, but I still feel like this leaves some margin for error. Back to the drawing board a bit for how I’m using Total recall. Surprisingly, I hadn’t even noticed this until today… I guess the more ambient sounds just weren’t making me notice it so much, but the arp today… woah boy… was it messing with my timing… took a few tries before I got to the “is it me, or is it you” thought… I guess at least it wasn’t me this time.

I’m “okay” with how the track came out… probably too many elements and could have used some pairing down a bit. Or maybe I need to come up with a way to keep more of the original sound and not run it all through the eurorack… something to think about at least.

Have to say though, definitely getting ready to be done with this track a day for *two* months in a row, so I can have some time to actually work through some of the bigger problems with making a track over a day or two. Actually what I should really do is spend the time to put several tracks together… maybe a bunch of 4 track, 8 bar loops or something, and then go nuts with the eurorack and automation. Going to keep this in mind.

Beatober2021 #18 – Late Night Drifters

Yah… sometimes we just need to simplify!

Could’ve made this into a longer track, but yeah… I think keeping it short and simple definitely kept it moving and interesting. At least I feel like I got more out of it than I would have otherwise trying to layer a ton of sounds in and then having a big mess.

Effectively I made the four tracks on the MPC to begin with, and spent the time making sure I was happy with the eight bars first, pretty similar to what I did yesterday. From there I just starting assigning tracks to different outputs on the MPC, and then driving them through different effects in eurorack, and then, as usual, I chased it with the SP 202 and SP 303 at the tail end to just add the dust, grit, and grunge for the song.

I’m definitely feeling like I’m hitting a bit of a better stride with know how I want to build out tracks, so I suspect my next step will be thinking about how to break this down into separate components and then building up a few different songs I can transition between. Done this before, but I’m starting to think about other ways in which I could do this… first I need to think about how much interest or importance I put into having everything be recordable, or if it is more about routing signals around and making do with what I’ve got. If that makes any sense.

Beatober2021 #17 – Looking for Redemption

This track was fun, but I also had a lot more time today to be picky with sound selection, make some various sections, and then add in eurorack for some extra spice.

This track started from the much cleaner track recorded on soundcloud that I did pretty much everything on the MPC, and then just ran it through and end chain of SP-202 and SP-303. I actually made a few other tracks that didn’t make the cut because they just clashed a bit too much with everything going on here.

From here, I did a lot of takes routing the track through eurorack to get some serious effects going on as well as a bit of generative automation. More or less the instruments go through the top half of the rack and the drums and bass go through the bottom half of the rack. Then, everything back out to the SP-202 and SP-303 for a bit more grit added. Blog:

Beatober2021 #16 – Simple Life

Decided to keep it simple today… really simple.

What all is going on? The picture comes from Neural Blender again… still having fun with this, I still need to buy some credits and go to town here. Even if the images are not necessarily directly useful, it’s definitely got some inspiring and striking looks to a lot of it.

Well… the spacey ambient sound was some piano riffs I loaded up into the Morphagene, which was a pain because the piano audio was quite dynamic for its’ range, going from really quiet -20db/-30db area to 0db. Sending it from the 3/4 outputs on the MPC (which I am sure are outputting at either 0db or possibly +4db, need to read the manual again) meant that until I dropped the track down to -9db it was just getting somewhat pleasing, but mostly awful noise on the high end. Certainly I could have used a LPF to clean it up, but honestly I wanted a cleaner sound here. Once I had the audio recorded, I then manipulated the gene size until I had something that seemed relatively musical and seemed like a nice enough progression. I then clocked the Morphagene from Pamela’s New Workout so that it would play relatively at a speed with the track. From here I used the Mimetic Digitalis to change the cutoff on the Sqwak Dirty LPF to have the sound change over time while the track played.

The drums are another component that I just programmed, and then did the usual output from the MPC 5/6 into the Eurorack and sent it through the Sqwak Dirty for the LPF, which I sync’d the cutoff to the Total Recall which was running at a different clock speed than what was being used on the Morphagene. Honestly, this just allowed for a longer running pattern so that even though it was all running, the filter cutoff was changing different between the ambient pattern and the drum pattern.

Finally the bass line, I tried running it through the Eurorack, but the Eurorack was just eating the sound up. I definitely need to dig into this more, and probably just need to do another track with -9db, but I forgot to do this. Instead I just routed the bass straight out of the MPC channels 1/2, which again, leaves me with the problem that I cannot use the WAV Recorder to recording in a pristine sound. It’s possible I should disconnect from the Morphagene and go directly into the Befaco ST Mix… as it seems that doing it this way it is slightly less distorted, but… well need to explore this more.

From here, all of the MPC 1/2 output is going into the SP 202 (was going to do some overall mix LPF work manually… but did not) and then into the SP 303 for some Vinyl Sim compressor, noise, and wow/flutter just to give the track a bit more movement on the tail end.

Beatober2021 #15 – Funk Your Style

Okay… today felt pretty good… but did like… five… maybe six takes… was getting a bit of a jam going and then would make a mistake… this take came together pretty well though.

This is my pretty traditional setup I’ve been going for lately, but with the SP 202 and SP 303 added to the end of the chain… oh and I’ve added in the Zoom H6 at the end of chain to function a bit as a mixer/audio router… the RCA to 1/4″ adaptors are what is causing me the biggest headache in this setup… but it is kind of nice having the 202 do LPF duties at the end of the chain, and then the Vinyl FX from the 303 to do some compression and wow/flutter duties… and a hint of vinyl noise.

Beatober2021 #14 – Keep Us Too

Still in a kind of meh… for making music day… but hey… still having fun and got a chance to mess with Neural Blender some more. So that’s nice 😀

As for the track… well I tried to use some automation on Morphagene… to limited success… and just ended up dumping the drums and Vox from the MPC out to Sqwak Dirty and Data Bender… so uhm… I dunno… just a simple thing… but I kind of feel like I need to start from a bit more of a square one and figure out what I’m actually interested in doing again.

Just been a weird week… been in that “kinda down” place… found out my role is getting moved from one department to another… and then mixed up into something else… so gonna have to decide what I want to make of that or do with that… Nothing I’m long term worried about, but just the kinds of stuff that can make you think differently about things and force you to take a step back and reassess what your values are. And as for that, I guess I’m kind of in the “I’m not sure space”… definitely need to sleep on it and see where I wake up tomorrow.

Beatober2021 #13 – Bringing the Dirt

The picture comes courtesy of NeuralBlender… google it 😀

the music is a bit more pedestrian… and just Akai MPC Live mk2 all the way baby…

Just tired I guess? Having a hard time finding inspiration? I don’t know… maybe I just need to sleep better.

That said… I guess it’s time to head towards the direction of the bed.

Beatober2021 #11 – Fancy Towel

Just a track made in Koala Sampler from an auto chopped found sound…

The track is definitely missing some parts (like uh… bass), that I’d normally put in there… but I only really had about 30 minutes to flesh something out and this was pretty fun to just scrub through and see what would and would not work. With more time I am sure I could find all kinds of cool sounds… but Koala Sampler only has 64 (well 63 due to needing to have a starting sample) slots to fill… and I could see scrubbing through by hand being a better result, but auto chopping served me well enough here to go through it… so there is that.

Thing is… I have a *ton* of found sound material, and keep meaning to load it into something… Koala, MPC, Morphagene, guess it is time to get off my but and make something proper with all this material. Biggest problem is probably wind… but there’s not a crazy amount of wind…

Beatober2021 #10 – Lower Form of Life

Okay… still tired, but at least off my butt to do some music today.

Still hitting a problem recording audio… but I think it is me… as the two tracks don’t seem to be the same. I recorded several takes, but somehow the last recording didn’t seem to match between the YouTube video and the soundcloud audio… I’m doing something wrong. Probably too tired to do everything correctly… doh!