Old School Cinema for Akai MPC X/Live

The patch Old School Cinema started life on the Pocket Operator Tonic. I recorded the hits into the Akai S950 at 10khz, because I was afraid that some of the longer bass notes would exhaust the sample memory, and honestly I didn’t want to be chopping on the S950 for an hour. I was able to squeeze everything into the roughly 60 seconds of sample time I had available at the 10khz sampling rate. Honestly, I could have probably squeezed it in a bit better, but I was trying to let some of the longer notes ring out.

I played the samples pitched down a bit in the S950 to get a bit more grit and deepen the kick drum and bass notes. I’m pretty happy with the patch as it is, though you’ll notice that the bongo sounding hit has a lot of noise in it. I had normalized all the notes together, but you could still barely notice the bongo, particularly in a mix. I ended up normalizing the bongo, but this also amplified the line noise. It could probably use some filtering, but for anybody who likes having dirtier samples, that bongo is for you.

I’ve gone through and color coded the pads just for my visual preference so I can get a sense for what different sounds are on different pads. You’ll find the bottom row is drums, the two middle rows are bass, which I converted to note on instead of one shots, and I set all of the bass notes on a mute group so that you don’t drown out the bass. That leaves the top row with some glass bell type sounds.

If you’re looking for a quick demo of the patch I’ve uploaded a video here.

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