My Tiny House – PO 33 Track

I had intended in jamming out on the MPC today, but I ended up grabbing the PO 33 again… Producing another small track. Seriously folks, I am surprised at how much big sound can come out of such a small device! This is maybe 30 minutes worth of playing around max.

If you want a laugh, this is maybe seven, max eight, seconds of audio samples. If I actually put the effort in to trim down the wasted space in the drum track, I might be able to get it down to four or five seconds. Honestly, I’m not bothered by it, but it really goes to show even with the old school hardware and multiple limitations, those older machines really could knock out some bangers without too much effort.

To get some mileage out of the sounds I recorded you can hear me playing around with the filter and pitch quite a bit. This really helped change the character of some of the verses by making the drums and synth sound different without having to record in whole new parts. I actually spent most of my time crafting variants of the various patterns leveraging the FX to create some great variety with minimum time investment. A few parts I’d chain a couple bars together so that I could hear what it sounded like back to back creating fills over two bars. I’ll likely do this again in the future and is a good way to get out of the problem of working in a single bar.

Of course, some issues came up while producing this track. Volume balance for the synth sound became obvious only once I had recorded the vocal section. No matter how much I boosted the volume of the vocals, applied filters to the vocals, etc… it just wouldn’t cut through. Being lazy by nature, instead of re-recording the vocals I decided to just apply some filtering and volume to the synth, but once you’ve laid down sounds in the PO-33 you’re going to need to hold down the write button while you turn the knobs to get it applied. I only had two patterns at the time, so it was not a big deal. After modifying the patterns, I went into the sound and made adjustments there so I didn’t have to do any more adjustments afterwards.

Here is the backup file for anybody who might be interested in playing around with it on the PO-33.

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