Winter Happiness – PO-33 Track

I used some Washi tape to label the write and record on the PO-33 on the case. I keep pushing the wrong one and deleting samples or otherwise overwriting stuff I don’t want to. I’m just not keeping the two clear in my mind. Also, it doesn’t help that the write button with the white dot reminds me of a record button… but yeah, it is still me! 😀

Apparently I’m really sticking with one or two drum loops, some vocals chopped up by and amateur (well the PO-33), an instrument sound, and maybe a bass sound. I’m going to have to do something different to push myself to not fall into a track. And… This track fell out of the sky! Well rather, I just recorded off some more samples to see what I could do to push the PO-33 a bit more. By pushing, I mostly mean doing even more FX and changing the FX up more.

Just deleting all of the samples and patterns before starting a session is working well for me and forcing me to forget what I did before. Deleting everything is keeping me from being lazy and using previous work to build on. It makes it a bit more effort but certainly keeping me looser when programming the track. I think for my next track though I might record in some new samples and change up the tempo/swing but leave the previous patterns, and automation just to see how it sounds and then tweak it up from there. I suspect with judicious changes you could make a brand new track that might seem inspired by a previous track, but sounds completely different.

The track definitely feels like two, or maybe three different ideas jammed into one. The level of consistency is not quite there, but it was fun to put together. I tried a few variations of stringing the patterns together, and settled here. I’ve gotten some written down notes of the order of the patterns, and I suspect a few miss presses or missed notes causes some of the oddity here. I’m also too lazy to go fix it as it is. There are a few parts of the pattern that I wish had extended or repeated, and a few other parts felt kind of weak. Sure I could have edited the patterns themselves and left the order… but nah… this is art. Besides, I’m just trying to get some ideas down and see what comes out.

For those that want to play around with the PO-33 sounds:

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