Afternoon Breeze – PO-33 Track

The image is from my daughter. While we took a trip out to Montana she kept borrowing my phone to take strange pictures with odd filters. This is one of many featuring one of our dogs. It looked intense enough to be a good track image. Enjoy the image of my dog slowly zooming in while listening to a electro song plays!

Funny thing… I was going to do another house track, and I’m not sure I’d place it quite in that genre, is it electro house? I don’t think it is fast enough for Techno… Somebody who has more refined taste might be able to clarify the music genre for me. I just thought it sounded cool!

I did give an honest try to using the existing patterns as I said I would, and it sounded like pure garbage. If I took the time to think about the PO-33 sample layout I could probably get something passable, but as it exists, the trial was a failed experiment. Doh… but hey I learned something that I sort of already knew.

What really bit me producing this track was the limit of 4 voices, I have a whopping five samples, and when I added in my next track section… oh boy, it was dropping notes all over the place. This sounded bad, so I essentially just removed one of the instruments. It gives it a nice transition without having obliterating the structure like I have done a few times in past tracks making it sound like several songs.

A key component here is that I started by chaining 4 patterns together, and then recorded content in real time as the beat played out. With sixteen patterns, this gives you room to record four four bar measures, or two eight bar measures if you so desire. In this case I went with four by four, and it worked well, but didn’t leave any room for intros, drops or other glue sounds. As a result, I’d say the track is a bit less dynamic, but on the other hand feels a bit more together.

As usual… here’s the backup of the PO-33 if you want to play around:

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