Staying Active

I suspect I am not alone in this, but I checked my weight a few weeks back, and I’ll say I was not shocked to have gained a few pounds when I checked my weight on the scale. Still, it didn’t exactly make me happy when this is usually the season I’m dropping a bit of weight from going outside and hiking, doing outdoor projects, or just walking around the neighborhood.

I’ve had the Apple Watch for over a year now, and normally I just ignore the nags at 10pm to finish off the day, gotta close those rings! Over the last few weeks though I’ve begun to take it much more seriously. I’m not trying to take time between calls and meetings to get myself outdoors. Getting back to being active has been a challenge though, and excuses are super easy to come by.

Instead of pushing time off to go out for a walk, I’m starting to switch to a move is now my objective, and I’m letting my family know. Instead of letting the reasons pile up for me to go out later, I am just taking the time now so I don’t end the day with three sad and incomplete rings. Am I letting the watch rule my life? Not at all, but I am trying to be more definitive in making sure I am using it as a tool to make sure that I’m not just sitting around.

Over the last few weeks this change has really only netted me a couple pounds loss, but hey, I’m going to take it. Loosing weight isn’t easy, and I’m now past the getting started hurdle. I am definitely going to stick with keeping up the momentum.

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