Modular Tennessee

This is a patch I’ve been playing around with on my eurorack gear while I am awaiting the case to get everything installed.

The intent for this recording wasn’t to get a clean sound… and yeah… I’m just using my cellphone mic. I was mostly testing out a new stand I got to see how much bump/wabble/wiggle the stand introduced in the video. You can hear some background noise (sorry about that), but I wasn’t too interested in hooking up a proper audio recording device to sync everything. Probably next time.

For those interested in such things… this is roughly what is going on with the patch:

  • The DPO/RxMx is playing that noise and percussive type sound. I achieved this by using Brains to sequence Pressure Points, and cause the mix of the DPO’s final sound around. It’s nothing too fancy, but it can be a quick way to get a strike gate on the RxMx and generating sounds.
  • The Morphagene is doing some pad type duty of a piano chord I recorded, and then moving the pitch around and then driving in through Magneto to get some screwy tape delay effects. From here… the Magento output is going into Mimeophone, which is then adding some additional space/depth to the pad.
  • The Assimil8r is driving the main drum sounds, using the built in 808 effects. This is being sequenced by Pamela’s New Workout… which is effectively just mapped to output a pretty standard house four on the floor kick, snare, and hat… by just changing the gate speeds. Really not fancy, but was a quick thing to put together.
  • Wogglebug is playing primary clock duty here, and is providing a lot of the signals to get sound movement. I kept the routing rather simple here with Wogglebug… but it added enough to keep things interesting.
  • The other “tricks” here… I’ve setup X-Pan to so that I can do some light mixing duty, but it isn’t anything terribly fancy, and then this is output to QPas just so I can do a smile pass filter to help accentuate different sounds.

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