Akai MPC Live mk2 / One CV outs

If you’re like me, and looking to integrate CV output from your MPC so that you can track out gate and CV to devices that will take CV input, you’ll find a difference from the MPC X to the MPC Live mk2 / One. On the MPC X, it has eight discrete CV output jacks, so you can connect a TS 1/8″ cable to the jack to each of the CV ports for each channel.

Unfortunately on the MPC Live mk2 and the MPC One, instead of having eight CV jacks, you only have four jacks, but these jacks are TRS style, so if you’ve got the right cables to split the output to two channels, you can get access to all eight.

There are several types of cables you can use to do this, but I picked up the Hosa Technology YMM-261 from Amazon.

Hosa Technology YMM-261

With four of these cables you will be able to split the four CV jacks on your MPC Live mk2 or MPC One. Of note, the cable labelled TIP will be your CVs 1/2/3/4 and the cable labelled RING will be your CVs 5/6/7/8. Just keep this in mind as you are routing your CV cables into your gear and you’ll be all set. To keep my own sanity, I got a set of different colored 3′ cables, so that I could try and remember which CV output from the MPC mk2 corresponds with which color.

Colored CV outputs

For my tastes I did the following:

  • CV1 – Red
  • CV2 – Orange
  • CV3 – Yellow
  • CV4 – Green
  • CV5 – Blue
  • CV6 – Purple
  • CV7 – Brown
  • CV8 – Grey

Obviously your milage may vary here, but this has really helped me get the right CV output to the appropriate module. Good luck, and happy patching!

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