Euro Racking

I reached out to Erik and sent him this picture so he knew I had the case in hand:

I managed to strong arm the case up to my desk, and upon turning it on I can tell you the noise from the power was very very high! I was concerned that it was a dirty power supply, but figured that once I had racked everything the sound might go down… sometimes power supplies make a lot of noise when they don’t have a load on them, or too much of a load. You never know.

I had a false start trying to rack gear because my power cables just were not reaching. I initially thought to either make or buy longer cables… but oof… this was going to take longer to get setup. On longer thought, I spent some time seeing if I could use larger modules on the side, or find longer power cables to swap out. Below you can see that I got three rows done… and powering it off the noise was a bit lower… woo hoo!

Erik ended up reaching out and we had some conversation about the installation and how things looked (it looks great!). A lot of modules ended up moving from where I originally planned… but it isn’t too too bad.

Above, this was about eight hours of work, and my fingers are still killing me from the Befaco thumb screws. Looks good though! Also, I don’t hear any further power supply noise. I’ll keep an eye out for it, but we’ll see how that goes.

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