Track – Endless Space

Here’s the first track I put together using my new euro rack modular setup.

I’m trying to remember this patch… I’ll post a picture and kind of describe it as best as I can. It was more a test to see how cable routing goes, and if I need longer cables. Turns out so far it isn’t too bad, and there’s a little something for everybody in every corner.

  • Eloquencer is driving Assimil8r for the drums, which is then going through the Spice for some NuTube drive and bit crushing
  • Marbles is generating some randomness for Rings which is then going into Echophon and Erbverb to give it some additional feeling of space and movement
  • A sub note… the Echophon feedback out/in loop is going into the SMR to add some high end shimmer
  • Brains/Pressure Plates is running as a sequencer for the bass line on the DPO, and the output is routing through the RxMx for some movement in the oscillators, and routed through Plasma Drive to add some tone to the bass.

So that pretty much sums up how I put the track together. There’s some additional work from Tempi for gates, and 0chd for some LFO work, but nothing exactly magical.

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