Picking Up the Pace

The picture is courtesy of a family of six foxes that have been living in our back yard for the last two seasons. We’ve been seeing them around for five or six years now. Definitely our suburban outdoor pets now. We’re not feeding them directly or anything… but they are certainly enjoying all of the wildlife that our bird feeders and gardens attract.

I’ve been working on just walking faster… I know, sounds silly, but the effort is really keeping my heart rate up higher. I used to get shin splints from running, and I’m just trying to keep this activity as low impact as possible.

I will note for anybody reading… I did spend the last three days ignoring my watch. I had some personal things I wanted to take care of, and I just couldn’t take the time for spending an hour walking the last three days. My streak is now totally toasted, but it’s time to start getting into the mindset of crushing the last 59 day streak. Having done it, I know that I can do it again, and go further now. So I am starting off the next streak today.

In other news, I have been working on changing my diet, with mostly a 20% less mindset, and adding more protein into what I am eating. The last two weeks I have dropped down to 205 pounds, for a loss over the last eight or ten weeks of 8 pounds. A pound a week is not amazing, but as I’ve noted before I am trying to subtly change my workout routine and diet so that I am changing my behaviors over time instead of trying to make broad changes that I may not stick with.

Overall, I am feeling happier and healthier from making these slight changes. Am I where I want to be? No, but I am heading in the right direction :D.

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