Track – MPCBB 285 – Hard Found Peace

Alrighty then! So for this track, I started it and finished it in about 30 minutes. I just didn’t have much time to hit the deadline yesterday… and figured I’d just cut to the chase for the throw down. To pull this together I just grabbed a four bar section that I liked the sound of, chopped it, pitched it down, and then got to business laying out a track. I then searched through drums and kits to piece together something for drums, a little fx, and some bass that was halfway decent.

Honestly, this is not a terribly complex piece since it is only two tracks, and to make more of a song I should have separated the drums, bass and fx that I brought in, but when strapped for time it is easy to fall into older habits. So the track is not terribly dynamic, and I didn’t do anything other than loop it twice, so that is kind of lame yeah? Whatever though… I pulled it out of my hat! If I was to do it again, I really need to remind myself how important it is to create multiple tracks so that I am giving myself more options when I am trying to work this fast. Good luck for me is that the next STBB is due today, and if I want to submit something for it I need to “go fast” for this one as well.

What happened to me this week? 😀

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