Jammin Keygroups

Oh before I forget… here’s a few key groups that I made, and I did say I would share.

The bells are sampled across a few octaves, but not tuned. Should just requires tuning the master, but I did not end up using them and got lazy. Since I am posting it for free, if you cannot do anything with it, well that’s on you! For those interested, this is sampled from Eurorack, in particular Elements is doing the heavy lifting, with some very minor FX on it to taste.

I mean come on, who doesn’t like a dope choir sound? This actually made the cut for the song… so you could use it to make the deep cut version of my take on Jammin.

NT – Laser HarpI know this isn’t as good as the signature Danoc harp, but since he’s still saying he doesn’t have a way to autosample, this is the next best thing. Maybe it is best because it actually exists? 😀

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