2020-08-25 News – Sticky Situations

Startups tap a new talent pool: Pandemic-weary college students

I’m just going to lead with this thought: college students, please continue to get your degrees!

I used to manage a team of roughly fifty employees, and I had plenty of college students and interns. We would frequently extend internships, and occasionally bring interns on as full time employees. Often this was done to help retain talent, but I would always talk to these employees to make sure that they would continue their school.

However, a handful of employees over the years just never went back and completed their schooling. Is this necessarily bad? My concern is the potential wage gap difference. Sure you can learn a lot on the job, but employers are frequently interested to see what prospects have accomplished. To somebody looking through resumes and seeing somebody that hasn’t completed their schooling, it just leaves a lot of open questions.

In one particular case, I had an employee that was just tired of Computer Science, and ended up shifting to a Project Management profession. This certainly makes the argument easier against completing the program, but I just feel that there is so much value in finishing off on parts of your education. It gives a measurable sense of accomplishment, helps foster perseverance and tenacity, and shows that you are can be committed to yourself and your own development.

For those college students getting offers, I congratulate you! Just take the time to think about your own circumstances, and understand that there is value in completing your program.

Bridgefy, the messenger promoted for mass protests, is a privacy disaster

Trust, especially in software that you use to keep your communications private, is quite important. Bridgefy has some very powerful features for establishing a decentralized network, but unfortunately it has a lot of security issues.

The article articulates quite a few ways in which people can pretend to be another person, steal messages, track social interactions, and take down the entire decentralized network. For those who need to have this kind of networking, this is definitely not the software to use at this time. Good news though, is it appears that the company is investigating replatforming the technology to offer what’s “on the tin” and will hopefully get the software functioning to the level promised.

For me though, it’s pretty hard to trust cryptographic technology these days. There is so much deep knowledge that you have to have in order to understand the technology and how to use it safely. When things go wrong, they really can go wrong!

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