Pulling It Back Together

I don’t know about other folks out there, but the way the world has changed over the last few months just seems like another planet. My wife and I are doing everything we can to keep our daughter in as socially normal atmosphere as possible, but we’re really keeping to ourselves otherwise.

It’s been weird too, because just as COVID-19 broke out I was starting a new job, getting ready to meet new people, and drive new projects. My job is fully online now, which is a larger change than I anticipated. Previously I was traveling a lot, getting together with people to make sure we were moving products, and overall very highly connected. Now I am keeping people focused in meetings, helping get programs on the rails or stay on the rails,

A lot of this has led to me just being rather lethargic the last couple of weeks, which has led to me not really bothering to write posts, work on music, put artwork together, or really be engaged in a whole lot. I’ve known that this is problematic, but I hadn’t really been doing much either. I suppose it has just been all of the little pressures over time just making me feel down.

Today I really decided that it is a new week, and it is time for me to “hoist myself up by my own petard(sp?)” as my grandmother used to say. I’m going to start working on writing both blog posts and music more frequently again, and see if I cannot get a comfortable backlog together.

I’m usually a pretty positive person, and now’s as good a time as any to get back to being positive and making sure that I am helping others.

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