Track – MPCBB289 – Long Way to Go

A bit of a scramble this one… but had fun listening to the song and picking out the parts I liked. All done on the MPC Live mk2… only software intervention was to load Fission so I could just cut the track to length and do a quick fade out. I promise 😀

This time around I tried to create 3 different main sections, and then worked through drops, buildups and such to get the track together. Then just strung them together in song mode. It was a bit of a hassle because I exploded a few too many tracks in spots, and then from section to section they didn’t line up… add to this that I did not name any of the tracks properly, and it made for a bit more confusion trying to create various sections. Worked out pretty quickly though, I’d say this track came together in two hours max.

Personally, I prefer the middle section, I was trying to get a vibe going with the end, but I think it’s probably the gnarliest part. Still like it when it is working, but somehow it both sounds good and not so good at the same time *shrug*

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