Nothing but Drifters

I just picked up the Cooper FX: Arcade… and have been putting several of the cards through their paces to see what kinds of sounds I can get out of them. So far, enjoying the tape effects, lofi effects, and getting some quite interesting distortion. Definitely feels like a pedal I can take on the road with me without needing to lug around a huge pedal board.

To hook it up, I have really just setup output 3 on the Live routed into the Arcade input, and the output of the Arcade is going back into the Live’s In one. Honestly, nothing too fancy yet, heck I haven’t even tried to use CC or midi between the two devices yet to control the FX parameters, but that’ll be coming soon.

Mostly I spent last night playing around with the sounds and loading up patterns and loops on the MPC Live to see what I could coax out of it. I’m quite pleased with how well the Arcade handles line level, though you can definitely overdrive the signal… the over driven audio sounds pretty good, but you’ll want to keep it in check because it can really squash a sound quickly.

Anyways… I got a few sounds together, chopped up some loops, and then spent about an hour just arranging the sounds a bit… nothing too fancy, and then tried to polish it off as best I could inside the Live to get the Air FX to do the heavy lifting for some LP/HP filtering. Honestly nothing too fancy.

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