Akai S1000 Screen Repair

Last week I turned on my S1000, to find that the screen backlight was no longer working. Bummer that I had replaced it last year… but I figured I’d take it apart and see if I could get the old girl working again. Just in case, I also bought a replacement display… so that I could replace that in the event that something went horribly wrong. Stay tuned to learn that yes… something did go horribly wrong.

Here is a bit of a better view, where you can see that the display is practically unreadable, which is the state of the S1000 last year when I had done the repair by swapping out the backlight… except this backlight hadn’t gotten very much usage… so bummer there and all. I figured I’d pop off the top and see if there was something super obvious like a short or anything, but wiggly around the backlight board didn’t help to much… and the backlight is secured in by the screws that hold the display in place, so I was going to have to take the entire front panel off.

This picture is from below… I figured I would just take the screws off the bottom of the front panel this way instead of flipping the case over. From what I had remembered it wasn’t too bad to get in there, definitely not as complicated as the S950.

I would like to point out that you can see two zip ties holding the bulk of cables that go to the display together. This is kind of nice I guess to keep everything inside neat (even if it is ridiculously spacious in here)… but this is where I made a horrible mistake.

If you look at the ribbon cable here, you can see that I accidentally snipped the cable… and I have no idea when I did it. Probably when I cut the zip ties. To check my sanity to see if there were any issues, I ended up testing all of the buttons. I pretty quickly determined that the data button was not working, so I soldered the two ends together and confirmed that the data button started working again. I’m not proud of the accidental damage to the S1000, but at least it wasn’t too hard to fix.

Here is the backlight working again. Guess what, I didn’t even replace it. After digging in there, moving stuff around, and just trying it again it was magically working. So now I have a snipped cable, a spare display, and I ordered a spare backlight. I probably don’t need all of this extra stuff for my display, but well… there it is.

In the end it isn’t about repairing a broken backlight or not, it’s the adventures and mistakes we made to get there, and what we learned together in the end 😀

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