Streamlining my Setup

Yeah I did it… I boxed up a bunch of music gear. I just needed to get some more focus on the gear I want to use right now, and figure out how to make it a bit simpler. This isn’t the final form, but gosh I have a sit and stand desk, and I wasn’t able to use it because the short rack didn’t have long enough cables to move out from under the desk, so it was permanently stuck high.

This is fine if you want to stand while making music all the time, but I find I like to move around, stand up, sit down, shimmy, whatever it takes to get the creative juices flowing. Also, using the Akai S1000 and S950 are a complete drag to use where they were on the floor, I’m hoping this will get me back into sampling more material with them since they are much easier to get my hands on without having to actually sit on the floor.

So this gets me to the eurorack case, the guitar pedal case, the S950, S1000, MPC Live, the Cooper FX Arcade, and the good old Organelle. There might be something else floating in there… but that is about it. Now to think about what I have done and if it is time to sell off even more gear, or figure out how to bring the other stuff back into my life slowly. I’ll have to wait and see!

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