Track – Space Dust

I put this track together last week for the MPC BB 292, and then forgot to post about it.

The first trick, to get the really over cooked sound from the track, I ended up pitching the track up 3 octaves before playing it, and then sampled it into my Akai S950. This really stripped away a lot of the high end information, but also made the low end quite a bit punchier to my ears. Initially I pitched it up so much because I just didn’t have the sample time to record a nearly 6 minute song into the roughly 23 seconds of sample time… and pitching the content up so extremely really let me squeeze it all in there.

To sample the content back, I used the S950 to pitch all of the content back down 3 octaves, and recorded both a “clean” version, and then also recorded the content back with the S950’s low pass filter set to about 50… it might have been 53, I cannot recall now. Honestly, I’m quite impressed with how well the S950 maintained quite a bit of the character of the track with such an extreme pitch shift, sampled down to 12-bits. Sure some of the dynamics are gone, but it is still clearly recognizable as a song.

From there I ended up doing a lot of chopping of the samples inside the MPC Live, so that I could have more control and not fighting with the S950 UI. I did use external samples for the drums here, and the chords came from outside as well. I just needed something that would help cut through the song a bit, and this did seem to work quite well.

Once I finished, I wrote the tracks out so that I could process them in Ableton Live and glue everything together into a finished song.

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