Track – I Really Don’t Mind

This track I threw together for the MPC Forums Beat Battle #293. It’s still open if you wanted to check it out and post up your own take. The sample to flip this time around is Brenton Wood “Trouble”.

Honestly, I just loaded the track into the MPC Live, set it to chop on transients with a setting of 50, and then just started looking for samples I thought sounded cool. Was this lazy? Probably, but for this beat battle I wanted to force myself outside of the mindset of using perfect loops, and some of those transients were janky as heck, making me think way outside of the box.

So for the track, every sound came out of the provided track, drum hits, organs, Vox, fx… etc… I didn’t have to do very much (if any) EQ/FX, and mostly just let my ears take me through what sounded good and played the pads louder or softer to match what I liked. A few chopped sounds I did like were way too quiet, and as a result I didn’t end up using them. I had considered making some quieter sections, but I just couldn’t find a place to land it that would feel natural.

Once I created all of the parts that I liked, I ended up doing a track -> explode to separate all of the individual sounds, and then exported from the MPC out to Ableton so that I could then get busy with arrangement. This is another track where I really didn’t do anything terribly special within Ableton Live other than maybe a few double ups and repeats, but I pretty much arranged it as played or how I think I would run this out as a DJ, but keeping the track tighter than I usually would… basically my mind set was “get to the point fast”, which is something I’ve really come to appreciate from doing the Beat Battles.

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