Watercolor on Hobonichi Tomo River Paper

While I have been waiting on 2021 to roll around, I’ve been taking notes and doodling in my Hobonichi Notebook. Today I figured I’d give a try to see how the paper would react to water color. Anybody who’s tried to do water color on non watercolor paper (or even with water color paper) knows that the paper will bunch and curl a lot. I’ve really appreciated how well Tomo River paper has held inks in the past, so I figured it’d be worth a try.

For the water color I used the Koi Watercolor travel kit that I picked up a few years ago. It comes with a water brush, paint, and sponges, so I figured if I wanted to travel with it that it wouldn’t take up too much space. If you look at the picture I painted, you can clearly see that the paper did distort a little bit, causing some pooling of water, which really is not optimal. I suspect that a regular brush, and a bit more towards a dry application, would create a much better effect. That said, I am quite impressed with how well the paper handled the water and dried, and while there is some pooling of the pigments it actually is not so bad.

Best of all, the color didn’t bleed through the paper, and while it is quite noticeable on the other side of the page, if you’re a regular user of a writing board, you’ll hardly notice the pigmentation on the other side of the page. For the time being I’d say the experiment is so far so good. I’ll have to try a few other things, but I suspect that I’ll be working on coloring doodles with watercolor instead of ballpoint pens in the future.

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