Track – Flying Monsters

This track came together last night from just patching and trying to see what I could do after not really messing with Eurorack for a few weeks. My wife and I have been ramping up to keep the house cleaned for showings, and it was just something that I haven’t given myself time to do. Plus, having a mess of wires hanging out all over the place probably wasn’t the best thing for pictures.

The actual production of the track fell into a few paths

  • Eloquencer and Assimil8r did the drum duties, and I played around with note/ratchet randomization to try and give a little bit of extra movement here.
  • Rene and Akemie’s Castle did duties for the bass line, and then Akemie was run through Spice to try and give it some extra punch. Modulation of Akemie’s Castle and Spice came courtesy of 0chd to keep things moving.
  • Marbles was put in charge of both Rings and Elements to give those plucky and bell sounds, and some additional modulation comes courtesy of 0chd and RND STEP to give movement with some of it in time/tempo.
  • Additional glitchiness comes from Elements going into clouds, with some modulation on Clouds to keep some interesting movement in the sound.
  • I had a riser kind of sound still running on Morphagene that gives that nonstop noise in the background, routed through QPAS and output from the BP filter to keep it from over taking the entire piece.

In order to get the intro for the piece, I ended up turning the patch off… holding my breath, and turning it back on. Then I let it noodle before I started to record… and hit the play on the Eloquencer to snap everything into time. The drop and the outro were me just hitting stop, and then riding the volume knob out. So honestly nothing too exciting.

I really ought to have spent some time mixing everything a bit better, because the bass is a bit low… perhaps I could do some post work on the track to try and fix it… but at this point it is what it is.

Here’s the patch, though I guess my camera didn’t capture it too well 😀

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