Family Dog – Abbey

Pictured above is our family dog Abbey, our very own German Shepherd. I want to say my parents got her when I was around twelve or fourteen, and this picture was taken when I was probably twenty or twenty two at my parent’s house. Abbey was our second dog, Sonya had the honor of being our first dog and was a black lab.

Abbey was a great dog, though she could be a bit of a worry wart, and was definitely over protective, but she could also get quite scared. She was a kennel pup, and sadly when we got her, her tail had been broken in three places. We’d often get asked if she was mixed because her tail tended to curl upwards a lot, where as most German Shepherd’s have much straighter tails. For this reason, I wouldn’t get a dog that came from a kennel ever again. You just don’t know what the breeder, delivery person, or the pet store may have done to the animal, and it gives too much room for everybody to point their fingers at each other.

Still, she was a good dog, and loved everyone in the family, and we loved her. Mostly I remember her wanting to be around the family, and she had a clear distrust of people who didn’t like dogs.

Memories include:

  • How excited we were when we got her as a puppy
  • Playing fetch
  • Cutting her nails and she bled walked all over the place… we didn’t make that mistake again
  • Putting a diaper on her while she was in heat before she was spayed
  • Opening a door while a friend was coming over and yelling “Kill”… it was funny at the time, but my friend’s reaction was such that I will never do that again
  • Taking Abbey to visit my grandparents, she reminded them of their dog Shep.
  • She would pee on the floor whenever a male with a beard would come visit
  • She was trying to run alongside my grandmother’s car at my parent’s house and she got hit… fortunately it was just in the muzzle, but it could have been real bad, we made sure that never happened again
  • Abbey was jealous of our cat Crystal that I was patting and opened her mouth, and Crystal grabbed onto her tongue with her paw and Abbey had no idea what to do

Here’s a couple other pictures:

Abbey in my first car… a Chevy Cavalier
Hanging out on her favorite dog bed taking it easy

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