MPC Samples – NT S950 Volume 2

I spent some more time last night recording off of the Akai S950… and I can tell you I continue to really dig the low end sound. Before digging in a bit, here is the link:

Similar to a few days ago, this is MPC X/Live/One formatted for the program file, but the samples are 44.1k/16-bit mono, so you can load them into most MPCs and samplers. I was definitely a bit faster at flying through the low end key group and setting it to record notes down to C0, though I still forgot to check and change C5… in about half the cases this resulted in one less sample for the program.

A few changes I made to my workflow was to name the midi track closer to the final output before going into the auto sampler. Typing everything out from memory resulted in programs and samples that weren’t matching the pattern I had put together, and I ended up just re-recording the programs last time to go faster. This time I saved some time both typing and having to re-record by having a close (barring the last number/definition of the program name) added to the sample.

I ended up recording all of these back to back, and recording did go faster, but let me tell you, moving into the trimming of the samples was brutal to do 720 start/end points and was probably close to 2 hours. I got faster at doing it, but it was painful to be hunched over the Live mk2 to do so many edits. I can say, this is making me miss the MPC X a bit for the dedicated start/end point controls, as well as the tilted screen.

Also, on a final note, I am probably not going to record any more Tom sounds for a while, there are a ton there, and frankly, I am exhausted from listening to Toms so much šŸ˜€

Overall notes for the auto sampling:
* 720 Mono samples
* Should play from C-2 to G8
* Sampled C0 to C5 in most cases, with a stride of 4
* Generally 16 samples per program
* Only one Sample Layer at velocity of 127

45 programs, which breaks down to:
2 Bass Drums
1 Choir
1 Cowbell
8 Cymbals
2 Drums
1 FX
2 Hi Hats
5 Pianos
1 Rim
1 Shaker
3 Snares
1 Tambourine
17 Toms

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