#jamuary2021 – Mad Cap

Day three’s track is in the house!

The image comes courtesy of one of my wife’s trips to New York City with her friends years ago. I repurposed it for my track… hopefully she doesn’t mind 😀

I mentioned yesterday that I started working on this track yesterday right after throwing in the towel for day two, and I really dig how this track came out. I decided to keep the flow super short, so it is just a Main section, Drop section, and Outro section… so absolutely nothing fancy, but I don’t feel like it needed much else.

Once I played out the track in song mode (Main 3, Drop 1, Main 3, Outro)… I exported the song back to a sequence, and recorded in a tiny bit of CC automation on the Access Virus bass line in order to give it a bit of mod wheel and pitch bend. I maybe got a little carried away, but wanted to have something to add some subtle movement and surprise in the track.

To put the track together I also needed to record off a few parts as key groups, so if you’re interested here’s a couple of key groups for your music production pleasure.

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