#jamuary2021 – Method of Attack

Day four is a bit more rocking today. Went in a kind of house/trance direction…

The picture comes from a trip to Disney World that my wife and I took our daughter to for her third birthday. She doesn’t remember the trip at all today, but at the time she had a blast. When she was younger she was quite a clingy kid, and I can still remember how sore my shoulders were because she refused to walk anywhere and instead wanted to ride on my shoulders for the entire trip. Do not recommend… the shoulder part… the Disney trip was great šŸ˜€

As for the track, I rolled it around in my head a bit how to put it all together, and this is where things settled out… a bit of movement, but nothing fancy. I did spend more time today trying to mess with levels for the mix before running through YAM to master, so there is that… hopefully things settle in the mix a bit better than a few particle tracks I have done.

I do feel like there is a world where I turn this from a roughly 90 second track into a five or six minute DJ track, but that world is not here today. I think there’d need to be more elements, and I’d probably need a key change or two to keep it interesting. Oh and some filter sweeps, lots of epic filter sweeps. Future me, don’t forget the lasers, this needs futuristic lasers to round it out!

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