MPCBB #299 – Aeon’s Regret

Dropping off a track for MPC Forums Beat Battle #299

I rolled this track together in what… less than an hour I think? I just did lazy/manual chops by playing the track and tapping out the pads… I know it’s a bit sloppy, but honestly it sounded fine, and I wasn’t looking to make a masterpiece. From there I knocked out a bit of drums to just have something to flip to, and was off to the races.

I built up two different drum sets to go with the 16 bar flip, and had initially intended to bounce between them, but as I started playing around… I figured it might sound better to try and do some drum changes ups about every two bars just to keep things moving. So… I took the two drum tracks, exploded them, named the tracks, and then just did track mutes to turn tracks on and off. It seemed to work out well enough.

From there, I went to the mixer and tweaked a few of the hits/sounds to get decent levels, and then ran it through YAM… as has apparently become my usual. I uploaded the track, and away we went. Except once listening to it again… the bass I had played was really bad… I decided to just go back and delete all of the bass notes, so good bye bass line, and then instead of adding a new bass section… just reuploaded. Lame? Perhaps… but it got the track out the door!

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