#jamuary2021 – Silent Grace

Day five… and I am still alive!

The picture comes from a Barnum and Bailey Circus show that we brought our daughter to. She loved it. Definitely was weird though… we were near the front of the stadium and these massive and majestic creatures still looked so small. We offered our daughter to go see them up close after the show, but I think she was three at the time and was terrified to get anywhere near them.

Putting the track together was rather quick. I actually recorded off key groups for all of the synth parts today, so I wasn’t fidgeting with audio tracks to get everything to track out on the MPC Live. So that saved me at least a bit of time. The key groups are here if you are interested.

Working with the YAM, I’m also taking to using the touch screen to touch on the programs in the mix section to move all of the tracks from OUT 1/2 to Sub 1, it’s a bit faster, and not nearly as fiddly with the touch screen. Maybe it is half as fiddly? Still feels like a bit of an improvement.

As for the song structure, I just went back for an Intro/Main/Drop/Outro… I know it is simpler, but the last few days I have felt like getting more to the point rather than messing around with Intro/Build/Chorus/Main/Drop/Bridge and all that. I know it sets up much nicer transitions for the listener, but honestly, if I’m doing a ninety second track, does it really need so much production?

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