#jamuary2021 – Data Repeater

Just spent most of the day doing small things… so figured I’d wrap this turkey up :D’

The picture is from some resin structures we made as a family this year. My dad was all about how copper killed COVID or something silly, so he sent us some. I didn’t buy into it, and I don’t think he did either, but we ended up all doing remote family molds to just try and make something interesting. I had never poured resin like this before, so it was interesting at least to see the process up close and personal.

The track today was something I was started playing around with a couple of days ago, and dug, but wasn’t sure about that kind of high line pad’ish kind of noise. I really played around with it, and decided to go this direction with the track. Ultimately I just looped everything up into a 32 bar sequence, and then started editing notes by hand to drop this in, change them out… tweak some of the lines here and there. It’s nothing stellar, but sticking with trying out new things, it felt like it fit in well.

I found some odd behavior in the audio track today too… I mean it’s fine… but when I went from a 16 bar to 32 bar sequence by doing the Sequence x2… it did double up the audio track just fine so it would play a second time starting at 17.1.1… all well and good. But when I moved to YAM… I had to (as usually) import the audio track once into 1.1.1, but then I had to do this a second time. So… I’m not quite sure how the MPC is managing audio tracks, but it seems to be kind of haphazard and a bit annoying. Glad I’m not doing any intense or large projects or I’d probably be screaming at the thing… or at least tracking everything out and just forgetting about it being what I imagine to be a complete nightmare.

There’s workarounds and process tweaks, and then there are MPC Audio tracks.

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