#jamuary2021 – Long Voyage

Alright back again messing with TraTraTra Transpose!

Boy, the picture is from about four years ago… Amy is looking impressively squinty… might have been from the flash, I don’t really recall. Looked like a goofy enough picture to work with for today’s track though. She’s watching you!

Today I took my own personal advice from yesterday and only applied transposes to the track level, and not the sequence level of the song. I figured that way I’m not having drums hop all over the place and can have some more control over what is going on. It was a little bit more work, but it wasn’t insurmountable.

Getting through that, I figured I would blast out the track and then work through exploding the drums, adding track mutes, and then adding in some other drum components to add in a bit more flair to the track and keep it moving. I’m not totally convinced I am in love with the process, but it does add a little bit of an element of helping keep things changing and moving in a way that just copying sequence to sequence doesn’t allow for. For real, this is something that I suspect just takes more practice and dedication, and the reason it feels wonky is more because I am doing a track a day and just keep pushing forward than necessarily having anything to do with the process.

With all that said, I’m still kicking the tires on audio track recording as well, and I think I am getting a bit of a better workflow here as well. I have moved to recording off programs as I see fit for audio coming in from the Virus or Iridium that is a good candidate to turn into a program, and things that are more longer or evolving sounds I am waiting to track out at the very end as a audio track. This is helping keep things a bit more coherent and keeping them moving for me, but importing audio tracks into YAM is still a bit of a hassle. On the plus side, it’s really coming down to only fidgeting with a couple of audio tracks now (for the length of the full sequence that was converted from a song), rather than having to get fiddly with a whole mess of shorter stems. I can see it working, and perhaps I should be considering just doing the stem/audio track recording process after I have imported everything into YAM. Will have to think on that.

As for the key groups I made today, check out below:

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