#jamuary2021 – Old Haunts

Day ten… was on a roll… and then I fell off 😀

The image is from a trip years ago that we took our daughter to the Boston Commons and is of the paddle boat that you can take a little tour around the duck pond. Our daughter was never super excited to get on the boat, and I’m not sure we ever did at that age, now she’s probably too old to think it would be something fun to do. Honestly, having done the ride before myself, it’s a little pricey, and you don’t really get too much excitement out of it.

The track is decidedly unfinished, but I still dig it, and will likely come back to it later. My wife was getting aggravated at my taping on the pads while I was trying to pull it together, so I figured I’d just work on a quick wrap up and not get into doing track mutes or anything else. Instead I just spent some time trying to properly have some sequence built up to leverage track level transposes and see if I could make something more coherent than the previous day. I think for an overall impression, I’m much happier with this over what I had tried before, so to that end definitely a success, and likely something to continue to play with and see how I like making the changes in this manner.

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