#jamuary2021 – Come on Over

Trying to pull things I’ve been learning over the last month and a half together into a more coherent type of track…

The picture is from one of my trips to the Czech Republic… forget when… there’s definitely a lot of stunning architecture out there, and absolutely worth checking out. About a third of the organization that I used to manage was out there, so I’d probably be out there two to three times a year to check in on everybody, see how things were going, get feedback, and make sure the the remote team members knew that I was a living and breathing human being.

This track was started and completed today… so nothing carried over from the day before, I just tried to focus for a couple of hours once I woke up. I also considered running it through YAM, but chose not to because I kind of liked how everything sounded mixed together. Is it volumed out to the max? Nope… but that’s okay sometimes!

I took some time to work on pulling together some transpose changes, mixed in different instruments, and played around with track mutes to bring different sounds in and out. I did trip into a little bit of a problem with tracking the midi tracks out to audio tracks, but that’s mostly due to having only two inputs for L/R, more than anything wrong with the MPC for this… so kind of my problem for routing two synths through the same using input/output on one of the synths. Honestly… probably a good reason to have a proper mixer… but we’ll see how much longer I can go without one :D.

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