Akai VX90 Heart Akai S950 Samples n Programs

I was just testing a few things on the VX90/S950 combo setup and figured I would record off a few key groups to see how things were sounding. Below are the files if you’re interested in checking them out.

I am pretty sure that Cherry Crush was the first key group that I recorded yesterday after getting everything setup and working again. I recorded a sample into the S950 and then worked on tweaking the filter and resonance to see what kind of sweet spots I could find.

Wasted Space is probably the oddest here, because I just cranked up the resonance on the lowpass filter of the VX90 to see where it would got and what it would do. It’s definitely responsible for adding in a bit more grit and giving some more oomph to the sound into the tail.

The Heavy Gate pad was just an attempt to play around with a sample and use loop points on the S950 to try and get something that still sounded natural by having the VX90 still do some envelope filters on the sound.

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