Where My Boys

Day 3… This track I mostly wanted to mess around with the Boss SP 303 to understand the sampling workflow a bit better.

The picture is Isaac from the game “The Binding of Isaac”. Cool kid.

To put this together I drove samples into the SP 303 C and D banks. They are much faster to sample on, even though it is still quite slow compared to modern standards. It was a pretty good way to test out the repair job that I did for the pads as well, since I was bouncing around a lot of the buttons, minus the pattern stuff. I’m not sure how much I care to bother with pattern sequencing here when I can just resample everything into the MPC. So I filled up all 16 smart media sample slots between bank C and D… The samples came in between a mix of raw, and sometimes with some effects already running, and I did end up adding effects on the way out back into the MPC as well to make a drum kit.

The majoring of effects used are Isolator, Radio, Bit Reducer, Distortion, and Pitch. I probably used Vinyl as well, but I’ll be honest, for how “legendary” everybody makes it out to be, while a nice effect, I’m not sweating on it yet. So yeah, the sample session was a lot of finding good samples to load in, and then working my way through SP 303 effects to tweak things to where I thought I might want them to go as final sounds on the MPC. Oh and heck… I really need to learn the Mark button better. I mean I totally get what it does, but how it operates I haven’t quite got my head around yet. I did get some good progress though by playing the sample with Mark, and then tweaking the Start/End point with the Start/End/Level(?) button. I am not perfect at this yet, but I am willing to bet that it is a really quick process.

I do suspect though that there is some fun to be had with the Pattern mode on the SP 303, but I just know my way around the MPC so well that I’m not sure I want to bother. I know I should so I can see how it works, but maybe someday.

Anyways… the track is all sampled through the SP 303, and then I sampled hits back into the MPC to make a drum kit. The process wasn’t too bad, and probably spent as much time naming samples as anything. There was the odd part where I tweaked samples enough that they now sounded like something else… so I just named some of them what they reminded me of.

I think the only sound that really got any effects treatment was the Space Horn… I liked it, but it wasn’t sitting well with the rest of the tracks I had played out. I ended up driving this through a few effects like talk box and gated filter to try and get it a little bit more tamed and change the audible characteristics of it. From there, having a 4 bar track I just exploded it and then got to track muting to pull the whole song together. There’s still a few sloppy sections, but I kinda dig the sound 😀

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