Poetic Resolution

Day 8! Trying something different for a change of pace.

First, the image comes courtesy of my dogs chewing up my daughter’s homework. She had left it someplace where they could get at it, and while I was out at the recycling center they decided to have a snack apparently. It looks like she was making a song for her class as part of an assignment, but she wouldn’t tell me what it was for.

For why this track is different, well I spent some time digging into Korg Gadget to make a song. It is not my first, but I usually use Gadget as a sound source for the MPC, and this time I decided I would work with it as the main sequencer. I’m actually pretty happy with the results. It is very similar to the Ableton Live arranger style of work, and I can see how you can get something together pretty quickly.

Once I had the tracks and sequences together, I hooked my iPad up to the SP 303 for Vinyl effects, and then recorded the audio into the MPC Live. So technically I used the MPC Live here, but… also not really.

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