How to sync your OP-1 to your MPC Live/X/One

This is just a quick video to walk you through how to sync a Teenage Engineering OP-1 to an Akai MPC Live/X/One over USB. The steps are pretty straightforward, but I’m going to add the steps below as well for those that would prefer to skip the video and just want some text to follow along.

Akai MPC Live/X/One Setup

On you’re MPC, you’ll want to head over to the menu by pressing the MENU button. This will get you into your normal menu. You can choose to have the top middle setting SYNC to Off or something else, but personally I’d just turn it off since in this case we just want the MPC to control the master sync.

Next, you’ll want to touch the gear icon on the top so we can get into the Preferences menu, and then go to the MIDI / SYNC menu on the left. Here you can see I have the OP-1 Midi Device MIDI 1 with only the SYNC option turned on in the OUTPUT PORTS section.

The only thing that I do want to note, is that if you recorded content on your OP-1 already, you’ll want to make sure the BPM on your Akai MPC matches the BPM of the content you recorded on your OP-1. Yes, the Akai MPC will now sync the BPM to your OP-1, but if they do not match, your OP-1 tape loops are going to be out of sync with your MPC.

Teenage Engineering OP-1 Setup

For the other half of this, you’ve got one setting to change on your OP-1, and that’s in the tempo menu. If you don’t know which button is the tempo button, well it’s the one on the upper lefthand side of the keyboard that looks like a triangle with a line coming out of it. That’s a pretty generic metronome symbol.

In my case below, you can see that the OP-1 is set to a BPM of 87.0, and the Tape Speed is 1:1, this is the TSPEED that you want to get the best quality out of the OP-1.

At any rate, to get the OP-1 Tape to sync with the MPC Live, you’re going to want to rotate the Green Knob until it looks like this, which is letting you know that the BPM and TSPEED are linked together, and that the OP-1 is Syncing to an external clock.

From here on out, you’ll want to use the transport controls on your MPC to start and stop playback.

Have fun!

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