NT-Modular-Last Breath

This is a super simple patch I put together on the modular, simple because this smaller case only has a handful of modules in it. While it isn’t complete yet, I wanted to test out and see how well it did or did not work.

The sound is basically an oscillator running on the Disting EX in dual mode, so that I could also get an envelope generator, because I don’t have that in this case at the moment. The oscillator is fed into the VCA, which is modulated by an LFO running positive on the Left channel, and running negative on the Right channel, this creates a kind of panning tremolo effect. I think routed that audio output into another pair of VCAs so that I could control the volume by the envelope. From there, the audio is running into a stereo filter to augment the sound a bit and give it some resonance to adjust the sound a bit.

All of this is controlled by the Akai MPC Live II CV outs, so that it is sending gate information to trigger the envelope, and pitch information to change the pitch of the oscillator.

Hopefully that all makes sense 😀

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