#jamtember2021 Track – When The Wind Blows

I know, two tracks in one day… but I’m having too much fun making fake vaporwave tracks with the SPs, and my second power adaptor showed up so I’ve been able to hook back up the Boss SP-303 as well. This lead to making this song with both the 202 and 303. Magic.

Another picture from Hawaii, but I ran it through a stormy PS Camera filter. This particular picture was from the helicopter ride, so dang fun!

As for this track and how it came together, well as mentioned above, I did another kind of fake vaporwave, just stuck a bunch of looping content together and saved it to the SP-202 for some PITCH and FILTER 1 fun, and then ran that with the newly reconnected SP-303 for some VINYL to add a bit of noise and flutter for the main loop.

From there it was just a matter of finding some drums to play out and groove to the pitched down “vapor” loop. Once I had that done I figured I’d play out live the Mellotron synth to add a little bit of movement.

With all that done, I then recorded some automation for the drums and the “vapor” loop to give it a bit more movement, added some track automation, and from there called it done.

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