#jamtember2021 Track – Always

Mostly happy with how this track came out…

Picture is just of the SP-202… just thought it looked kinda cool all lit up.

The track itself came together pretty quickly, though I did have to go tweak a number of samples once I ran it through YAM… all of a sudden I was noticing all kinds of clipping and noise. The atmospheric sound at the beginning was full of so many pops and clips. I didn’t remove all of them, but definitely reduced it a bit by just tweaking the program. The bass was just super noisy, probably as a result from having run it through the SP-202 a bit, so I had to drop a LPF on it to clean it up.

My biggest complaint continues to be that automation lanes don’t seem to be preserved when importing a project into YAM. I am really not sure why that is, but I had to redo the automation on the reversed guitar sound because it didn’t carry over at all. I’d think that automation would be part of the sequence data, but I guess I am probably wrong, and it is stored someplace else. Not sure if Yorgos can fix this, but it does feel like a problem with how Akai has implemented things.

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