#jamtember2021 Track – Constant Barrage

Not exactly sure what I was trying to do here… but this is all inside the MPC…

Just a picture of one of my dogs eyeballs… really close up… hah!

The track was really just taking some samples, a few of them run through the SP-202, and then seeing what I could put together. In particular I spent a lot more time on the drums in the SP-202, with a bit of added distortion from the SP-303 to just give them a bit more punch.

The bass is really just a solid tone that I turned into a key group, played out a few different notes, and then ran it through the filter gate to get a bit of a groove to the bass going on.

The rest of the track was just finding a handful more samples to chop up and see what I could do with them, so nothing super fancy.

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