#jamtember2021 Track – Raving Mad

Shot off a second track for the day… this time some DnB.

The picture is of my daughter’s teddy bear, from years ago when we took a train ride in northern New Hampshire. Tea and scones were absolutely had, at this simply fabulous tea party.

The track was pretty simple… just did my vaporwave thing… found four loops that seemed to work together… though this admittedly took a while today… because I tried five or six combinations that seemed fine, but when recorded as Lofi on the SP-202 and then slowed down they sounded quite poor.

Once I had everything slowed down, the rough BPM was about 88… or 176… which just felt like a fine BPM for hacking out a Drum n Bass track for the day. The rest was just finding some decent enough drums, a tiny bit of chopping to make it fit, and then working on some cheeseball automation and filtering. So it’s nothing to write home about, but I figured I’d just take a change of pace for the evening and see where it landed me.

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