#jamtember2021 Track – Wake the Giant

So… weird glitchy noise track :D. But I didn’t go nuts with bit crushing or anything… yeah me!

Picture is a filtered statue… from Chicago… I think.

The track is literally just a bunch of glitchy noises that I figured it’d be fun to see if I could put together into a track. Had to take the time to put some of the samples into Key Groups so I could actually play everything together… in as much of a tune as possible.

Also… man that bass sample was out of control, really needed to put some filtering on it so it wasn’t blasting through the entire mix and disrupting everything else in it’s path!

I did use the Boss SP-303 as a mic interface just to record off some breathing that I then turned into the noise that lands on the first beat… but then mangled the heck out of it with the Akai MPC filters…

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