Beatober2021 Jam #04 – Jimmy Jam

We all gotta struggle…

Alright putting this track together was a pain… I had too many different elements going on, and out of the *nine* recording attempts… only one was halfway decent. My biggest problem is that about a third of what I put together just didn’t mesh with the other parts of the track. I’d keep recording and trying to decide which way to go with it, but it just wasn’t happening. The synth lines didn’t gel, the Lofi arps didn’t gel, it just didn’t want to come together.

At any rate, I did a total of nine takes, and just rapid fired through them to see what felt the best. I’m not super happy with what I kicked out, but at least I gave it the old elbow grease… because between you and me, the original bass was just not working.

I definitely put the overall problem into the category of being too precious of a specific component of a song that I worked on, well a few. By themselves they were interesting, but everything else going on in the track wasn’t really going to support it. It took a bit of personal acknowledgement that this wasn’t going to be, and to either consider using the other components in the future, or just let it go and move on. For the moment I have moved on.

As far as changes, I tried to incorporate some more Mimeophon, but on the other hand it’s kind of there, but didn’t end up getting brought in quite as much as I had planned. I definitely had some earlier takes that used it heavily, but as I gave it different tries, mix levels and such started to change how I was approaching using Mimeophon. So, not so much this time. I also lightened up quite a bit on the Data Bender effects as well, just so it wasn’t such a glitch heavy creation this time.

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