Beatober2021 #11 – Fancy Towel

Just a track made in Koala Sampler from an auto chopped found sound…

The track is definitely missing some parts (like uh… bass), that I’d normally put in there… but I only really had about 30 minutes to flesh something out and this was pretty fun to just scrub through and see what would and would not work. With more time I am sure I could find all kinds of cool sounds… but Koala Sampler only has 64 (well 63 due to needing to have a starting sample) slots to fill… and I could see scrubbing through by hand being a better result, but auto chopping served me well enough here to go through it… so there is that.

Thing is… I have a *ton* of found sound material, and keep meaning to load it into something… Koala, MPC, Morphagene, guess it is time to get off my but and make something proper with all this material. Biggest problem is probably wind… but there’s not a crazy amount of wind…

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