Track – Learning to Exhale

Honestly, this was my excuse to play with the Strymon Starlight and not make a beat… I still have time for a beat though šŸ˜€

So the patch is *relatively* simple… it’s mostly 0chd LFOs running around to just give some movement to the patch, and a DPO running into an RxMx/Optimix so I can ping it, then into a Magneto for some delay, and then into the Starlight for the final pad/wash effect that comes in and goes out. There is a Marbles that is clocked by a Tempi, and the output of the Marbles is being quantized by Harmonaig to generate the pitch on the DPO. The RxMx has the LFOs coming into it to move which oscillator and how much width is being selected. Not much beyond that going on.

I’m going to have to try recording again with this setup, because clearly somewhere between the Zoom H6 and the iPhone something is making me nutty… there were *definitely* no clicks or pops in my headphones that were coming out of the headphone output from the H6. What the hell?!

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