MPC Forums Beat Battle #321 – How You Flop

First, shout out to MPC Forums, and check out the Beat Battle #321 thread if you want to see what others are up to at

I guess this track was about 90 minutes to put together? A lot of the time was spent chopping, and then finding different lines. I gave a stab at an initial 8 bar sequence and figured it was okay enough. I know I normally go at this as one long sequence, but I really want the sound to change over the course of the track, so although each 8 bar sequence could more or less stand on it’s own, I felt it would be fun to make a few different once and then use song mode (for once) to chain them together.

Overall I like the sound here, although I do think I could have done a bit better with the mix. I spent about 10 minutes trying to get the mix to an “okay” place, but I feel like the strings are fighting a bit with the bass line, and probably could have used some filter, ducking, or just about anything to help it hold a bit better together.

The weakest part is definitely the drums. I just made a two bar sequence, and kind of hacked my way through controlling a filter and some effects while the song played. It works well enough, but seriously the beat could have done with a bit more (okay much more) polish.

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