Track – Isolation

Not sure why, but this feels like it is in the space of the ‘peak sound’ I’ve been working towards with this setup. Still a bit noisy and still a bit awkward to control sometimes, but hands on, a bit glitchy, and something that can sustain momentum.

The track started the day as something happier, but as it wore on, I just kind of went into my own space of wishing, longing, dreaming, but all at a distance with some strange energy. Not the track I had set off to put together but it might be the track I needed to put together right now. I do like this, and hope that others get something out of it too, but I guess I just had poured a lot more self reflective vibes here.

My original intent had been to create several different sequences to move between, but that just didn’t happen, instead I ended up adding more sounds to the track. Not sure if it made it better or worse, but it’s always a way to keep some movement in a song.

What I am most happy about for this track is just spending much much more time working on mastering all of the levels, I do feel like each part got more space to breath, which isn’t always something that I end up with in a track.

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