Tear It All Down!

So, the Tape Grain Glitch case is apart… as you can see from the image for the post… and I’ve got some work to do before I get it back together.

First up, I flipped the Ladik A-520 and P-520 modules so that I can access the jumpers while working inside the case. The way they were oriented I’d have to take them out and the case apart to get at the jumpers to adjust the signal level changes. The change in orientation didn’t make too many problems either, biggest is that the power jack from the larger board sits right over the screw for the rubber foot of the case, so I just put some electrical tape over it to ensure that I don’t accidentally cause a short in the case.

Next up on the list…

  • Investigating adding/moving more of the sliding nuts in the rails so I can secure modules in the 1u row better
  • Adding the Strymon AA.1 into the case
  • Investigating into adding the Expert Sleepers ES-8 and expansion modules
  • Considering if I want to modify Links/Kinks/VCAs someplace into the case

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