Roland SP-404 mk2 – Second(?) Attempts

Had some slight misinformation… the semitone changes with PITCH/SPEED are -12 semitones and +7 semitones for a range (effectively down 50% or up 50%). The CHROMATIC mode can do +/- 12 semitones. Obviously you can resample to stretch beyond this… but wanted to clarify that if you’ve got something specific you’re looking to do that you may want to make sure you know what mode(s) can do what.

I messed around for a couple hours today and was able to get a few samples going, dug into resampling and skip back… and you can def make some solid loops.

First loop here was nothing too special, just messing with sampling off of my iPad… drums from the Korg Electribe app, and the melody came from Chomplr and notes at -4 semitones

From here I just did a -4 semitones on the loop… and I forget if I added more fx… but

Then I started messing around with the FX a bit more and went with downer and layered in some clean drum sounds again.

This was the last pass… you can hear that I’ve bunged up the start/end points as it loops a bit noisily… but this is a finishing pass with some more drums added back in, but also some use of Ha-Dou for the reverb’ish kind of sound and super filter to tame some of the high end a bit.

Kind of interested in where this last loop ended up… might make a tweak or two and have some ideas for lyrics on it… so might make a track out of it.

Anyways… this gave me a good sense of exporting samples, and it works well enough to dump content to the SD card… I expect importing is pretty seamless as well, but figured I’d focus on just sampling in first and maybe mess with loops a bit later.

Have not tried to add any custom graphics yet, but the instructions look fairly straight forward. Will take a look into it, but from what I’ve seen on reddit you must make sure you hit the exact resolution… and I’m not sure if dpi causes any hiccups… will see what I can do though.

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